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For over 44 years H&N has helped the person who solders once in a while, or the modeler who solders frequently to the professions who need to solder everyday with Soldering Flux that has been a staple since 1965, Superior No.30 Supersafe™. Since we opened we have added Soldering Flux to Solder Aluminum, Superior No.1260’s as well as hard to solder metals like Stainless, Superior No.71. As well as Jewelry Brazing Flux Superior No.6. A staple for many Silversmiths, and Superior No.601 General Purpose Silver Brazing Flux.

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If you solder or braze you have come to the right website

H&N has supplied thousands of modelers, crafter's, jeweler's, Aerospace business, and other business with all types of soldering/brazing fluxes. We also have supplied some very unique business and individuals with flux. Check a couple unique and everyday users. Click on pictures to see some of their work. We found it necessary to close for a short period of time due to circumstances beyond our control, but we are reopening but with less items. Thank you for all your support over the years.