Mongoose II 40 after first flight

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Great Model Hard to Fly!

My Modeling Past

Pictures of my layout. I modeled the 1930/1950, PRR. I grew up in a small town in north central Ohio, where my grandfather worked on the PRR. Main street building modeled after type of building in the town where I went to High  School. Modeling also took me and my son into Model aircraft for a number of years. The two red, white and blue airplanes at the bottom left of the page called Mongoose II 40, and Mongoose II 60. The Mongoose II 60 was published in RC Modeler in March 1983 plan # 884. The Mongoose II 40 was published in RC Modeler in January 1985 Plan #929 Both aircraft designed for Pattern flying and were tail draggers.

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Mongoose 40

The Mongoose 60 & 40 was designed by Me for My Son to fly in competition, when He was in High school in the 70’s

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