Superior No.30

Liquid Soldering Flux

Also Check  Double Strength
Easy to Use
VOC-Free, Organic, Water Soluble
 Contains NO Rosins or Strong Acids

Active 200 - 600 deg. F (95 - 315 deg. C)

Cleans up with hot water

Solder Brass, Copper, Pewter, Nickel, Tin, some Steel

The choice for Nickel Silver Rail soldering **

Excellent for all electronics **

The choice for Pewter

 GEL great for Stained Glass

 We recommend using solid wire solder with this flux,  

which will give a stronger and cleaner joint.

GEL may thin over time but thinning does not affect

performance of flux, refrigerating flux slows thinning.

Problem Joint? Check  Double Strength Supersafe™

No. 30 has been The Standard since 1949 for environmentally safe and high performance, easy to use Soldering Flux.

NO Shipping Restrictions

** Information on washing No.30 flux off Model RR rail after soldering

Liquid available in:  2, 4, 8 Fluid Ounce Bottles

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Mongoose Airplane

Flux Users Comments

Great Service

“Again, thanks for the terrific service that your company provides. I wish all companies would be as helpful and efficient as yours, especially when dealing outside of North America.”

Ray B (S Australia)

Your flux saved my life!!

“I've almost gone through a whole bottle. Between the flux and the silver solder life has been a lot easier on me as I've soldered lots of turnouts, throw bars, and feeders along my 6 scale mile long, double tracked mainline.”

Ted Y (Model Railroader)

Supersafe™ is the Best

“I will not make any type of electrical connection on my Model train layout without using ‘Supersafe™ and H&N Silver Solder. This combination assures every connection is the best possible. I also find “Supersafe™” very useful at work.”

Tracy A. (NASA Tech & Model Railroader)

Great for Brass Rail

“I last purchased this product at a Hobby show in Long Beach, CA while a visitor. It is the very best for soldering wire to brass rail. I’m almost out and was happy to see the product review in Railroad Model Craftsman. “

Chester M. (Model Railroader)

Boy, is this stuff Good.

For someone whose soldering skills aren’t that great, this product allows me now to make real good solder joints.”

Ken K. (Model Aircraft Builder)

More comments

1/2 Oz bottle with dispensing tip

Dispensing Bottle for Flux

Soldering Iron

Tip Tinner

Prefer a Paste check

Superior No.30 Paste

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To keep soldering iron tip clean and tinned

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Soder Wick®

Soder-Wick No.30 Soldering Flux Liquid



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