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        H&N Electronic

         Soldering/Brazing Flux

        10937 Rome Beauty Drive

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Supplying flux to Professionals, Modelers, Crafter’s for over 38 years.

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Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM PST

Phone 760-373-8033

 USA California

 NOTE: We are an Internet Business Only,

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“Again, thanks for the terrific service that your company provides.

I wish all companies would be as helpful and efficient as yours, especially when dealing outside of North America.”

Ray B (S Australia)


We do not supply C of C for any products we now sell.

If you require C of C contact Superior Flux. They will sell the flux and supply the C of C for that product, all be it for case lots.

Superiorflux.com or

 Phone 440-349-3000

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 and or comments

Need more information about a product, other information, or just comments,  just e-mail us. We appreciate your interest in our products and will reply to your request ASAP.