No Halides           Lead Free           Environmentally Safe

 Rosin Free          Residue Free      ESD Safe

Lead Free Tip Tinner has been formulated to prolong tip life from the harsh soldering environments of No-Clean and Water Soluble (Supersafe™) Fluxes. The usage of these fluxes allows the build-up of oxides on the tip, causing poor thermal heat transfer.

ALL major manufacturers of soldering tips Recommend:

A. Pre-tinning the tip when heating up the soldering iron for the first time.

B. During the soldering process, you should tin the tip to remove oxides and polymerize fluxes.

C. When work is completed, it is important to tin the tip prior to storage.

Available in: ½ ounce  and 1½ ounce Tin

Simple to use: Just insert hot tip into Tip Tinner, wipe with damp cloth or sponge and insert again in Tip Tinner .

The simple way to keep you soldering tip clean and tinned.

Please Note, Tip Tinner is not meant to clean an old corroded or badly pitted soldering iron.  You must have a fairly good tip to start with, then use the Tip Tinner to keep it clean and tinned.  


See SDS for complete information

Soder-Wick® & ½ Oz. Jar filled W/#30

Soder-Wick and Jar No.30 Flux

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