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Since we found it necessary to close H&N we checked our remaining inventory and we do have some items still in inventory that we are selling at up to 50% reduction in prices. Check below to see any item that may be useful, if so go to store to purchase. Quantities are limited.

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For over 40 years we have helped the person who solders once in a while, or the modeler who solders frequently to the professions who need to solder everyday with Soldering Flux that has been a staple since 1965, Superior No.30 Supersafe™. Since we opened we have added Soldering Flux to Solder Aluminum, Superior No.1260’s as well as hard to solder metals like Stainless, Superior No.71 & No.78. As well as Jewelry Brazing Flux Superior No.6. A staple for many Silversmiths, and Superior No.601 General Purpose Silver Brazing Flux.


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